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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dermal Piercings look Great with Tattoos

Dermal Piercings are taking the piercing world by storm.

Now you can place a piercing most anywhere on the body

The most popular use of a dermal piercing has been to accent a tattoo


  1. Body piercing with tattoo on the side looks sexy and attractive. It is becoming popular these days because many celebrities have this kind of body piercing in different part of their body. Many body jewelries include navel ring, belly ring, tongue ring, nostril and eyebrow ring. It was really a fashion trend now to put those rings in different parts of the body. Young and adults are really hooked in this fashion trend now. Good to know that high quality body jewelries are now available online for orders. Better to check it out.

  2. awesome post. keep it up. body piercing is definitely the finest way of body modification.

  3. How would that be affected if you got pregnant? I'm considering a dermal but I do intend on having more children. I would hate for it to get infected or cause damage, and have to go through the horrific removal process...

  4. Very useful info. Hope to see more posts soon!.