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Friday, August 13, 2010

Nose Rings (literally the Ring) are Becoming Mainstream

You have seen an occasional full size ring being worn in a nostril piercing, but it use to be a small percentage of people that would wear the 360 degree ring.

We find that our customer base is starting to ask for a full ring much more frequently. Also, when walking among the public, there are more sightings of this nose jewelry.

In the way back machine (a year or so, lol) there was only the standard captive bead ring, but now there are better options.

The continuous ring is very desirable in the 14 karat white or yellow gold. You just push the gold to one side, put it on, and push it back into position.

Continuous rings also do come in steel. There is a small section of the ring that is removable and a bit tricky to put back into place. It's worth the effort to have a ring that looks like there is no ending point.


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  2. Nose piercings mostly close up you can be left with a small hole, but honestly, it can just look like a large pore or a leftover from teenage acne.