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Friday, July 30, 2010

Hand Piercings, Finger Piercings, and Hand Web Piercings

Dermal Piercing on each finger
Hand Piercings, Finger Piercings, and Hand Web Piercings

Hand piercings are gaining in popularity, but should be considered carefully before getting one done.

As the hand is a very active spot on your body, it becomes more difficult for a piercing to heal and much more likely to become infected. There is also an increased chance of rejection.

You have to be diligent about cleaning the piercing and keeping it clean.

Be sure to stick with an area of your hand that will not interfere with your lifestyle, from writing to fishing to painting. You do not want to have the piercing be subject to constant rubbing and pressure.

Also, gloves can cause problems with hand piercings. Can you handle living in mittens?

Hand piercings can be a captive ring in the webbing of your fingers, a surface piercing, or a dermal piercing.


  1. If you are really interested in body piercing and you would want to use the body jewelries, it is important to consider the body part that you would like to be punch with jewelry. It is advisable to choose body part which is not the active spot of your body to be able not to experience uncomfortable feeling or difficulty.

  2. Body piercing, like tattooing, has become appealing to some teens. Pierced Hand Piercings,eyebrows, belly buttons, lips, tongues, noses — and multiple earrings — have become common.

  3. Wow they are great and really original, i havent seen anything like that before.
    Agree they are great, well done.

  4. What type of anchor bases do they use for the fingers?

  5. does that hurtt??!!!

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  7. I wonder if it's hard to avoid constant rubbing and pressure.