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Monday, July 12, 2010

Upside Down Tongue Ring

If you choose a flat top tongue ring design, like the image, it will be a bit more challenging to put it in from the bottom up, but this can still be done.

Once you have the piece in upside down, you can use a threaded ball design on the top of the ring. This will allow for a top and bottom decorative end.


  1. A Hello Kitty under your tongue? Is it just me or does anybody else thinks this is a bit on the naughty side? =)

    well anyway, it's still attractive.

    What would be even more attractive is a brilliant set of chompers to show off with that tongue ring.

    A tongue ring can bring wear and tear to your oral health if improperly done. I'd advise consulting with a dentist before and after you have your tongue pierced. This would ensure that there will be or no complications from your recent bodily addition.


    Doris Pender
    dentist in Germantown (TN)

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  3. Tongue Rings are a great piece of jewellery if you want something a little more adventurous and private, but a piece that you can show off easily to all of your friends, acquaintances and people you meet.

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  4. Hello! I've had my tongue ring for 10 years! which i cant believe...however my dentist is now saying the ball on the the bottom is wearing away my gums :( i dont want to give it up, its a part of me now. would switching to flat bottom ring solve this problem? thanks!!

  5. Tongue piercing may look cool, however they can be risky to your health. You should try to choose the right jewelry for your piercing to avoid infection.

  6. I love my tongue ring! And you know, people sometimes make a big deal out of it but you can always take it out...