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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nickel Reaction To Body Jewelry

What are the signs that you are having a nickel reaction to your jewelry?

#1) Red rash around the piercing
#2) Itching
#3) Puss
#4) Skin looks like it is trying to pull away from the barbell

H2Ocean will take away these problems, but they will reoccur if you have not changed the jewelry to be nickel free.

Most people can handle a small amount of nickel. The industry standard barbells are called 316L and they have no more than 13% nickel.

There are people that can not even handle the 13% nickel, as they are highly sensitive to this metal.

A better choice would be to wear titanium, if you are highly sensitive to nickel, as there is only a trace element of nickel.

Don't be fooled into thinking that gold is nickel free, as it is typically not. Nickel is used as an inexpensive hardening agent in most gold products.

You must find gold pieces that specifically are advertised as nickel free, or it is not.

You should immediately be relieved of itching and notice that the skin is no longer pulling away from the barbell once it has been replaced with a nickel free alternative.


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